AN ENERGETIC young girl from Oxfordshire is on the path of becoming a YouTube star through her educational videos of home-cooked meals for children from low-income families.

'This is the messy part', says nine-year-old Emma Sanchez, from Wantage, as she pokes holes in four jacket potatoes headed for the steaming oven that will later be stuffed with butter, cheese and warm beens in tomato sauce.

She started her online blog and channel called Cookykidz where she shares ideas of creative and cost-effective meals when she was only five.

At the beginning, the project was about sharing her skills in the kitchen, and little tips and tricks.

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However, Emma is now hoping to inspire families whose children are learning from home this lockdown and are eligible to receive £15-worth Free School Meal vouchers.

The recipes that the South Moreton Primary School pupil shares are really simple with guaranteed results.

Emma Sanchez, from Wantage, shares easy recipe videos on YouTube

Emma Sanchez, from Wantage, shares easy recipe videos on YouTube

Emma explained the idea behind the project: "This menu feeds two children, so assuming they both receive a voucher, you could use the second to feed the whole family, cover the cost of dinners or use it to buy extras that you need.

"All meals can be made by children with little adult supervision when using hot appliances.

"I have been really careful to price up my menus to make sure you really can buy everything for £15."

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Wearing a large white chefs hat and a blue and white polkadot apron, Emma begins her short videos by going through the menu and the ingredients needed.

The groceries are set to last seven breakfasts and lunches, and also include fruit snacks for two children.

One sample menu includes dishes like omelettes, jacket potatoes and pasta.

Emma Sanchez, from Wantage, shares easy recipe videos on YouTube

Emma Sanchez, from Wantage, shares easy recipe videos on YouTube

The young girl also made sure she budgeted for prices in different supermarkets and gave Asda and Tesco as examples.

She began the mammoth of a project as a lockdown challenge after retailer Marks & Spencer released a £15 meal plan, which Emma set out to improve.

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Emma's mother Cheryl Sanchez, who is a headteacher at the South Moreton school, praised her daughter's enthusiasm and willingness to help.

She commented: "Emma had so many ideas she wanted to share with others.

"I think she was inspired by all the work that the school is doing to help pupils during lockdown.

"This is her way to share what she knows about cooking and maybe get other families to try her recipes.

"She is very kind and thoughtful, and we are very proud."

Ms Sanchez also revealed that Cookykidz is a team effort – she holds the camera, while her daughter presents and then puts them together through a basic editing software.