A SCIENCE campus is expanding and doubling its site to accommodate strong demand from life sciences organisations wanting to move in.

Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, near Didcot, is forging ahead with its five million sq. ft masterplan to consolidate the site as one of the fastest growing science and technology centres in the UK.

A 48,000 sq. ft, research and engineering building called Zeus is the latest to be completed and, together with several onsite refurbishments, takes available space on the South Oxfordshire campus to 105,000 sq. ft.

Zeus broke ground in January 2020 and houses light engineering, laboratory and assembly areas along with clean rooms and offices.

Despite three lockdowns and challenging pandemic conditions it is now available to let.

At the end of January, The Rosalind Franklin Institute also reached completion.

The world leading facility will house researchers who are dedicated to transforming life science through interdisciplinary research and technological development.

Dr Adrian Hill, HealthTec Cluster development manager at Harwell said: “It’s an exciting time to be working in this sector. Harwell has a unique ecosystem whereby companies in the life sciences arena can access and interact directly with globally leading national laboratories, research institutions and members of the EnergyTec and Space Clusters, allowing cross fertilisation of knowhow and the creation of innovative solutions and disruptive technologies to drive advancements in healthcare.”

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The latest 200,000 sq. ft of development is underway and due to be completed by the end of the year. 1.5 million sq. ft will also be developed over the next few years as the campus continues to expand.