THOUSANDS of people have now been given a Covid jab at Didcot’s vaccination centre with the help of volunteers.

Four-hundred people received the Oxford Covid jab on Saturday alone at Didcot Civic Hall, and there to calm the nerves of anxious patients were councillor Ian Snowdon and MP David Johnston.

Mr Snowdon, councillor for Didcot West, stood in the car park and explained the process and one-way system to visitors.

He said: “There are so many volunteers there and they are all so brilliant.

"It is a privilege to help people.

“Many come in quite anxious, but when you explain to them, they realise how well organised it is and they relax.”

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And, although there were some anxious patients many were relaxed and proud to be getting an Oxford-made vaccine.

The councillor and other volunteers have even been receiving gifts for their help.

Courtney Hughes, the woman behind Didcot’s Secret Santa festive fundraiser, made a visit to the vaccination centre and brought food, sweets, and chocolate for the volunteers.

Now, the helpers often receive coffee and biscuits as a thank you from those getting the jab.

Councillor Ian Snowdon also sits on the committee for Didcot Volunteer Drivers and the community larder.

He said: “I am not there as a District councillor; I am there as a volunteer like everybody else.

"I am furloughed from work, so I am climbing the walls and I am looking for things that keep me busy. The people that volunteer there are absolutely amazing.”