Two friends protested against Barclays bank investing in fossil fuels.

On Saturday the women protested outside the bank in Wallingford for an hour.

The climate protesters held up ‘climate crime scene' tape and showed their grief at Barclays bank for funding the ‘climate breakdown’ by investing in fossil fuels.

One woman who was holding the 'climate crime scene' tape said: “This is not a criticism of the staff working in the Bank, however, they have a duty to speak up and challenge the bank, from the inside. Now we all know what is coming, we just cannot sit idly by, and let it happen.

"We need to act now, to avoid the worst of the Climate catastrophe, or we are complicit. I encourage all customers of Barclays to complain to them, and consider taking their business elsewhere.”

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A Barclays spokesperson said: “We want to take a leading role in tackling climate change as we recognise that it is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Our ambition is to become a net zero bank by 2050, and we’ve made a firm commitment to align our entire financing portfolio to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

"That means our own operations, and the financing we do for our clients, in every sector, will support the transition towards a low-carbon economy.”

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