HOPES of a railway station in souther Oxfordshire are back on track as thousands of people responded to an 'urgent' survey.

Residents shared their views on a high-profile bid to revive the former railway station in Grove as part of a survey introduced by Wantage MP David Johnston.

The Conservative MP, who has been campaigning to solve the railway station problem at the village since he became an MP for the constituency in December 2019, revealed that more than 2,600 people completed the short questionnaire and nearly all of them – 98 per cent – supported the reopening.

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Mr Johnston commented on the results: "I am delighted that so many local residents completed my Grove Station survey and am grateful to them all.

"As I hoped, there is overwhelming support for the station to reopen.

"These results will be sent to the Government to show them how popular it would be and to demonstrate that people would actually use it."

Wantage Road railway station closed in 1964 during the Beeching cuts

Wantage Road railway station closed in 1964 during the Beeching cuts

Wantage Road Station, which closed in 1964 during the Beeching cuts, was named by the Government last January as a possible candidate to get a share of a new £500 million fund to reopen former stations.

The campaign to invest into the rail hub has received heavy support from locals who want to see connectivity and travel opportunities in the area improved.

Results from the survey show that nearly 90 per cent of people said that they would use their car less if a station is opened.

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In addition, 92 per cent of responders said that they want the train line to service London, while 82 per cent said they want one to Oxford.

Didcot, Bristol and Swindon were also very popular destinations.

A new station would save residents having to drive to Didcot to catch a train, which takes 20 minutes without traffic.

The results of the survey will now be shared with the Government to help determine the future of the hub.

No stations or lines have yet been approved in the South East as part of the project, however, Mr Johnston hopes that the Grove hub can be the first one.