A MAN has been jailed after the ‘worst case of domestic abuse’ an investigator has ever seen.

Andrew Ward, of Grove in Wantage, unleashed the vile attacks against his ex-partner over their nine-year relationship.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court have previously heard how the 35-year-old became ‘jealous, possessive and controlling’ and lashed out at the woman who had become 'too scared and embarrassed’ to tell the truth about her injuries to the doctors.

Herald Series:

In the first attack in 2012 she had been straightening her hair when he started kicking her in the ribs.

She went to the doctors after feeling like she was going to ‘collapse’ in pain.

Years later, she had been in bed when Ward came into her house in the early hours to check her mobile phone, ‘something he would always do’.

She said he got angry when he saw a message and grabbed the remote control for the television and tried to hurt her with it.

She told the court that he then picked her up and ‘dragged’ her across the room.

She started bleeding and had to ‘clean herself up’ with baby wipes before sitting in a warm bath to ease the pain.

He told her to clean up before the ‘kids saw the blood on the floor’.

Other attacks included pushing her into a wall so hard she collapsed and throwing a dog bowl at her head when she was sitting on the sofa.

In 2019 Ward grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the floor before repeatedly kicking her until she begged him to stop because her arm felt strange.

He told her she ‘deserved it’ before saying: “It’s f***ing broken now you need to get it fixed.”

She was left with a fractured wrist, foot and ankle which she told the hospital had been caused by her playing with the dog.

On July 3, 2020, Ward literally kicked her out of the house for playing a mobile phone game. Neighbours called the police and Ward was arrested.

But on the day he was released her messaged her on Facebook saying that they needed ot meet or he would ‘kill the s*** out of her’.

He said it wasn’t a ‘threat’ but a ‘promise’ and they met in a field where he gave her bags of dirty washing.

She spoke with police officers for some time before  asking police officers for help and a promise of safety.

He told specialist officers that Ward would log onto her social media to check who she was messaging and she had to ask him for permission to leave the house.

He was charged in 2020 and remanded in custody.

After a trial Ward was found guilty of two counts of Section 18 grievous bodily harm with intent and three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

He also admitted battery, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of cocaine at an earlier hearing.

In the trial it was also heard how he had previously admitted to GBH in 2010 after throwing a clothes horse at another partner causing a puncture to her neck and oesophagus.

Today at the court he was jailed for 10 years with an extended licence of three years.

He was also classed as a dangerous offender, meaning he must serve at least two thirds of his sentence before being considered for parole.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Neil Anns, from the DAIU, said: “This is one of the worst cases of domestic abuse I have ever seen and it is right that Ward has been handed a significant custodial sentence.

“The victim in this case has shown extreme bravery in reporting these offences given how fearful she was of what Ward would do if he found out, as have witnesses.

“Her evidence in court was compelling and left the jury with no doubt as to Ward’s guilt, despite his protestations.

“We hope this case shows how seriously we take all reports of domestic abuse and I would urge anyone who is in a similar situation to get in touch. We are here for you and you will be supported by specialist officers.

“This case is also a great example of partnership working and we are grateful to the local authority social care team and housing provider for their support which helped bring about this successful prosecution.”