PEOPLE in South Oxfordshire have been left shocked and calling for immediate police action after a number of vehicles were damaged in an early morning 'crime spree'.

Vandalised cars parked outside homes in Abingdon were found by devastated owners on Sunday, March 7, and since then locals have taken to social media to voice their outrage.

Up to 15 cars have been left with broken windscreens and wing mirrors according to Tom Pymer, who lives on Spring Road.

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The 23-year-old hospital worker is one of the many unlucky locals who had their car vandalised.

Mr Pymer was woken up at 3.30am by loud bangs on the street but when he peeked outside and did not spot anything suspicious he went back to sleep.

However, in the morning – just as he was getting ready for work – he saw that the car's wing mirror was smashed.

After speaking to neighbours, he realised that he was not the only victim and CCTV images shared by another Spring Road resident show three men roaming the streets at the time he heard the noise outside.

Even more, when Mr Pymer posted an appeal for witnesses on Facebook, several people reported that their cars were also vandalised.

The shocked resident commented: "These people did not even take the wing mirror with them; they just left it shattered on the ground.

"What is the point?

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"These people are messing with people's livelihoods for no reason, just for a bit of enjoyment.

"They are playing with people's hard-earned property.

"You have key workers like me who use their car to get t work – it is a real hindrance."

The 23-year-old added that he feels helpless and devastated in the face of such vandalism.

Mr Pymer, who only had third party insurance for his vehicle, then had to foot the £200 bill to order the parts for the mirror.

The hospital worker added that this is also not the first time that thugs have gone on a 'crime spree' in the town.

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According to him, people living on Drayton Road, Steventon Road and the streets in the Albert Park area have also had their cars damaged.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police confirmed that officers were called to a report of criminal damage to vehicles on Spring Road at around 6.45am on Sunday.

However, no arrests have been made for now.

Mr Pymer, who is still waiting to hear from the force about any updates on the investigation, is appealing to any witnesses who might have information about the crime and those who might have CCTV or dash cam footage from the time, to get in touch with police quoting reference number 35507032021.