Dog poo is being dumped in a village and the council is calling on whoever is responsible to stop, calling it a “disgusting environmental hazard”.

The Parish Council in Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe in South Oxfordshire is contacted at least twice a week about dog fouling in the village.

However, the parish council has said that in the last two weeks the villages have encountered a dog fouling problem on an “unprecedented” scale.

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Dog poo is being dumped in the village along the Moreton Road between the Aston's and the village of South Moreton, on Chalk Hill and along Spring Lane. 

Herald Series:

Parish council chair, Jane Imbush said: “Whoever is responsible is driving through the village, stopping and either leaving large dog food size bags full of dog poo, or tipping small, filled bags of poo out of larger bags on the roadside and in streams.“

She added: “It is disgusting, an environmental hazard and a wider message needs to be shared.”

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