AN ILLUSTRATOR in Oxfordshire has set herself a goal to draw every single dog at a popular park near her home as part of an exciting new project.

Anita Myrvang who lives in Abingdon, described her recent adventure Dogs of Albert Park as 'kind of like Humans of New York but without humans and not in New York'.

The artist sketches excited pups doing zoomies in Albert Park and then shares the drawings on her social media accounts.

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She only began a few weeks ago but she revealed that she already has a growing fan base amongst the local community.

The 33-year-old, who moved from Norway to Abingdon a little over two years ago, said that the thing she loves the most about the town is its strong community spirit.

Ms Myrvang said she has received a very warm welcome from all residents, especially those who have dogs.

Greyhounds Bruce and Bella

Greyhounds Bruce and Bella

She commented: "I guess, this is my way of giving back to my local community.

"I also have two dogs – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Lulu and a 12-week-old West Highland White Terrier called Bo.

"So, whenever I take them to the park, I speak to so many other owners and they are always up for having a chat.

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"It is really good to talk to people and having dogs is just a nice excuse to meet others."

She launched the fun project in March with the idea to stay as local as possible.

The only criteria for a dog to be featured in the project is if she spots them in Albert Park.

Speaking about the project and what lead her to start it, Ms Myrvang commented: "This is something I have wanted to do for ages and now, because of the pandemic, I finally had the time.

Lulu is one of Ms Myrvangs dogs

Lulu is one of Ms Myrvang's dogs

"Whenever I go to Albert Park, my eyes are straight on all the dogs.

"I love their different shapes and colours and personalities and every time I go to the park, I get an urge to draw every single one I have seen that day.

"I work as a full-time illustrator and 3D animator, which is very different and so much more complicated, so the project is a welcomed time for rest and relaxation."

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While Ms Myrvang said she started the project as a hobby, she admitted it could turn into a little 'side hustle'.

Even though the artist's Facebook and Instagram accounts do not have that many posts, a number of fans have already been in touch with requests about prints, postcards and even commissions.

Dogs of Albert Park project

Dogs of Albert Park project

The artist first shared illustrations of her own dogs Lulu and Bo, and then began drawing others.

Her Instagram account now has drawings of large greyhounds Bruce and Bella, a tiny chiweenie called Monty and a dalmatian with floppy ears called Dolly.

Search Dogs of Albert Park on Instagram to keep up with the project.