The homes of the rich and famous cost eye-watering sums and according to new research celebrity homes in Wallingford cost on average £6m more than a normal house in the same town.

New research by Coulters Property has analysed data on more than 200 celebrity homes in the UK and USA to identify the most popular celebrity cities and towns.

They then compared the data with the average house price for each area, highlighting the steep prices that celebs are prepared to pay for their dream home.

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The research revealed celebrity homes in Wallingford cost 1,414 per cent more than the average house price.

A celebrity home in the South Oxfordshire town could cost £6,950,000 whereas a regular home is about £458,980 leaving a £6,491,020 difference.

House prices in Sonning near Berkshire, where Hollywood actor George Clooney and Led Zepplin’s Jimmy Page have homes, are also unsurprisingly expensive with the average celebrity house costing £12,000,000 and the average home costing £931,875.

Knutsford in Cheshire tops the UK list for the biggest gap in house prices, with a difference of 3,972 per cent.