AFTER the discovery of a World War Two shell in the River Thames yesterday afternoon, we looked back at some of the other recent discoveries of bombs in the county.

Officers from the Ministry of Defence ordnance disposal safely disposed of the bomb, found at Shillingford Bridge, yesterday.

Here are eight more times World War One and World War Two bombs have been found in Oxfordshire:

1. Drayton Household Waste Recycling Centre: April 3, 2018

A specialist bomb squad was sent in to safely detonate the bomb at about 2.45pm at the neighbouring Drayton Park Golf Club.

The club’s secretary told the Oxford Mail: “They needed somewhere to do the controlled explosion, and we have a lot of land.”

2. Wallingford river bank: July 13, 2018

An unexploded ‘Second World War grenade’ was found by the river bank in Wallingford, just a few miles from Shillingford Bridge.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal carried out a controlled explosion safely.

3. Aston’s Eyot nature reserve: October 7, 2018

Around 15 volunteers from Oxford Conservation Volunteers and Friends of Aston’s Eyot were working in the area when the suspicious device was discovered.

Volunteer Chris Skepper said: “I thought it could be a lump of rock – my first thought was that it was a toy but it did seem to be metal and quite heavy.”

Herald Series: The grenade was thought to be a toy or replica at first. Picture: Simon CollinsThe grenade was thought to be a toy or replica at first. Picture: Simon Collins

4. Upper Heyford: April 3, 2019

Two unexploded bombs were safely removed just over two years ago.

A local school, Heyford Park Free School, was not evacuated, but the public were urged to avoid the Upper Heyford area.

5. Bicester: June 22, 2019

A bomb disposal team carried out a controlled explosion of a World War One grenade.

Jarrod Naisbit, from Bicester, had found the grenade in a canal while magnet fishing.

6. Towersey: September 4, 2019

A building site foreman and his team unearthed a First World War bomb.

The team was building four new houses for Christchurch Homes in Chinnor Road.

Herald Series: The bomb found at the building site. Picture: Sam McIntyreThe bomb found at the building site. Picture: Sam McIntyre

7. Drayton: April 6, 2020

Experts from the Ministry of Defence and Thames Valley Police officers disposed of a bomb, believed to be from the Second World War.

The old ordnance had been found in a field.

8. Botley Road, Oxford: May 24, 2020

An item, believed to be Second World War era ordnance, had been located near Osney Bridge.

The bomb was then safely disposed of nearby in a controlled explosion.

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