POLICE closed several roads in Abingdon this afternoon to help with what is thought to have been a medical emergency.

Officers were seen on West St Helens Street outside the Co-Op supermarket, sparking concern in the town.

When the Oxford Mail arrived at the scene at 3.30pm, an elderly woman was being treated by paramedics.

Herald Series:

Police officers were seen assisting the paramedics by stopping throughflow traffic onto Abingdon High Street.

Another police car and two more police officers were seen at the end of East St Helen Street diverting cars down the usual one-way Saint Helen's Warf, over the Cast Iron Bridge. 

A third police car was seen at the end of Saint Helen's Wharf, by the entrance to the bridge, stopping traffic to allow drivers to pass through from the other direction.

Herald Series:

At approximately 3.30pm the ambulance service left the scene, followed by all three police cars.

Traffic has now returned to normal.