You may have seen the Flag of the Council of Europe flying above the Abingdon County Hall over the weekend.

Some residents spotted the flag today and were confused why there would be an EU flag on the day of the Queen’s Speech.

However, there was not a flag mix up and the flag was changed to a Union Jack for the Queen’s speech earlier today.

Herald Series:

Sunday May 9, marks Europe Day and the Town Council flew the Flag of the Council of Europe on the County Hall to celebrate.

It was Britain's wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill who first publicly suggested the creation of a 'Council of Europe' in a BBC radio broadcast in March 1943.

Six years later, in May 1949, the UK was a founding member of the Council of Europe and the flag that was on Abingdon County Hall became its flag in 1955.

The Mayor of Abingdon Councillor Charlie Birks said: “Founded in the aftermath of the Second World War the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its Members for the purpose of safeguarding and realizing the ideals and principles which are their common heritage, and facilitating their economic and social progress.

“We are proud to celebrate our membership on Europe Day and at the same time our town’s long standing links with our twin towns in Europe.”

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