AN ENTIRE town has been left stunned after letters and parcels from as far back as 2008 started coming through people's doors after they were apparently discovered in the home of a former Royal Mail employee.

People across Wantage and the neighbouring village of Grove have reported getting post in the past two weeks which they were supposed to receive 13 years ago.

While some of it was just bills, some people have got letters for cervical screenings, birthday cards with cash inside, tax reminders and items like a PC game, DVDs and catalogues.

One woman said she received a cheque for £151, while another woman, whose mother passed away several years ago, received a handmade wedding anniversary card from her.

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In a letter to one of the people affected which was shared on Facebook, Paul Leishman, Royal Mail operations manager for Thames Valley and Oxford, apologised for the ‘significant’ delay and revealed that the post was recovered from the home of a former employee.

Mr Leishman added: “I would like to offer my sincere apologies for any inconvenience or distress you may experience as a result of receiving this mail after such a long time.

“I am very sorry we have let you down on this occasion and I hope you will accept my apologies for any concerns this incident may cause.”

The Royal Mail delivery office in Church Street, Wantage. Picture: Google Maps

The Royal Mail delivery office in Church Street, Wantage. Picture: Google Maps

The Royal Mail delivery office in Church Street, Wantage. Picture: Google Maps

It is still unclear who the ex-employee is and whether Royal Mail has any plans to take legal action over the case.

It is also unknown how Royal Mail discovered the bags filled with old post in their home.

However, Mr Leishman promised that Royal Mail had taken the delay ‘very seriously’.

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Another resident, Andrew Clements, said he had also received post from 2008 and said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“So what is the crap excuse as to why it took so long?

“They should of been delivered ages ago.”

Letters on a doormat by a front door.

Letters on a doormat by a front door.

Many people in Wantage and Grove took to social media to share their anger with Royal Mail.

The bizarre incident also comes after ‘disappointing’ service over the last year as Royal Mail depots across Oxfordshire struggled to deliver post on time during the Covid-19 crisis.

Carl Pitson said he had not been receiving diabetes medication on time, with nearly disastrous results.

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He said: "I waited more than three weeks for them to deliver but it was too late.

“I ended up in the intensive care unit on Friday night last week, so I am lucky to to be still alive."

The problem worsened so much during the third national lockdown that Wantage MP David Johnston was forced to raise it in Parliament in March.

When asked by this newspaper last week if there were still delays, many people complained of slow service and waits of several weeks.

The Oxford Mail contacted Royal Mail for a comment on the post from 2008 on Friday, and is still waiting for a response.