Figures have revealed that more than 2,900 children are living in poverty in Oxford West and Abingdon and MP Layla Moran has signed a pledge ‘to do everything’ she can ‘to make sure no child is left behind’.

New analysis from the End Child Poverty Coalition revealed that 2,978 children are still trapped in poverty.

MP for the area Layla Moran said it was a ‘moral outrage’ that even one child still lived in poverty in the UK, adding that ‘no child should have to come to school hungry’, with children from families earning as little as £7,400 per year still not qualifying for free school meals.

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The MP said that ‘as we leave this pandemic, we can’t leave a single child behind.’

Although the child poverty rate in her constituency is lower than average, Layla made it clear that ‘even one child in poverty in the UK in 2021 is one too many.’

She said: “If we don’t act now, during the coronavirus recovery, we’ll have missed a vital opportunity to end child poverty once and for all.”

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