A SELF-TAUGHT ceramicist has carved out a successful niche by creating and selling sweary kitchenware online.

Lyn Webb, 39, crafts everything from cheeky teabag holders to utensil pots emblazoned with expletives at her home studio in Wallingford, after learning the craft by watching videos on YouTube.

On what inspired her tongue-in-cheek creations, the mum-of-two said: “Anyone that knows me knows that these pots reflect my own sense of humour.

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Lyn Webb with her creations

“Luckily I am surrounded by people who have a similar sense of humour to me and I suspected that these might be popular - and they are!

“It makes me so happy that so many people have one of my cheeky pots in their homes right now. I don’t have a personal favourite phrase, but I do giggle to myself when I know that someone will have a phrase like ‘Don’t let me shrivel up and age like you’ on their window sill.”

Her unique pots are sold on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and her website lwceramics.co.uk, with the sweary utensil pots among the most popular with customers.

But it's her plant pots shaped like breasts that bring Ms Webb the most joy to make.

Herald Series:

Cup of tea, anyone?

"There's something quite therapeutic about making them," she explained. "They also tend to be popular on social media, so people tag me and I can see them in all their glory in their new homes. It never gets old."

For those who prefer their crockery a little less on the sweary side, Ms Webb also makes oil burners, vases, cups, puffer fish and whatever else she can dream up on the potter's wheel.

Ms Webb 'seriously started focussing' on turning her passion into a small business in 2016, after a stint making baby casts for families.

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"I travelled to homes and baby groups to take foot and handprints from babies and small children so I could make keepsakes for them," she recounted.

"I only seriously started focussing on this as a financially viable small business in 2016 when it seemed like there was more and more interest in small businesses.

"With websites like Etsy you have people browsing specifically for things like my creations, rather than relying on craft fairs and in-person events."

Now, Ms Webb has an army of dedicated fans who collect her unique work.

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