A MUDDY section of the Thames Path has been transformed thanks to a new £7,000 boardwalk.

What was once one of the muddiest sections of the Thames Path National Trail is now more accessible and easier to walk along.

A new boardwalk was installed at the end of August and it is now open to the public.

The path sits upstream from Abingdon and it winds through woodland, which is prone to flooding in winter. Even in summer the area rarely dries out.

Steve Tabbitt, Thames Path National Trail officer, welcomed the new weather-resistant surface.

He said: “This section of the path is low-lying and has been a problem for years, especially after the last few winter floods.

“The path is very popular in Abingdon because it links with circular walks around Radley and makes a very pleasant route into Oxford.

"I’m delighted that we’ve been able to get this job completed so that people will have easier walks this winter.”

The new boardwalk is made from recycled materials by Hahn Plastics Ltd, which gives the path a good grip so walkers can safely get across the worst of the mud.

Construction was able to go ahead thanks to a £7,000 grant.

The path was jointly funded by a grant from Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment Local Environment Fund, a contribution from Oxfordshire County Council, and funds received by the Thames Path National Trail.

Throughout the year repairs are required to the trail.

Erosion issues appear as the riverbank is worn by the Thames, or surfaces need to be replaced after they have worn and become difficult for Trail walkers.

Last summer, several repairs were made to the Thames Path National Trail including erosion in Radley and uneven paths in Benson.