A WILDLIFE rescue centre is raising money to fix its animal hospital after it flooded.

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity in Didcot that's dedicated to rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned British wildlife.

The animal hospital was forced to close after it flooded last week and due to health and safety staff and patients were evacuated.

Rescue centre founder Luke Waklawek, said the flooding was due to a problem with the guttering.

A temporary premises was secured for the animal patients and multiple species, including hedgehogs, have been released back into the wild after being sick, injured, and orphaned.

Mr Waklawek wrote on the Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue Facebook Page: "This is the ultimate aim and goal for the charity. Giving them a second chance, helping them get back onto their feet, and carrying on with their lives none the worse. It's what we live for."

The damages from the flooding have ruined most of the centres furniture, equipment, floors and wall cladding and now a fundraiser has been launched to fund the repairs needed.

The fundraiser has already raised more than £1,000 and work has now started on the hospital.

Volunteers at the wildlife centre hope the repairs will take one to two weeks and the hospital will be reopened soon.

To help restore the hospital donate to the rescue centre via: donorbox.org/flood-water-fundraiser-for-owr