AROUND 18 miles away from Oxford, at the centre of a small family farm in Ipsden, is Blue Tin Produce, an award-winning farm shop hidden away in The Chilterns.

Due to its location, getting there is a bit of a challenge, but is worth it.

After turning off the A4074 into a single track road we arrived at Ipsden, then, The Street took us though the village, then through the woods, up a little hill to the farm’s entry.

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Despite the mud that seems to accumulate in rural sites at this time of the year, it is indeed a magic little place.

The farm has a small car park with enough space for a couple of dozen cars.

After finding a spot next to other visitors, I headed into the rustic lucking shop which was surprisingly full of amazing local products.

Herald Series: Blue Tin Produce Farm Shop

The shop stocks handmade chocolates, pate, locally smoked salmon, local beer, cheese, gin and cider among many other things.

The fridge was full of a variety of cheeses and butters with prices ranging between £4.50 and £12, as well as charcutier platers – the most expensive one was £6.50 -; and chicken and sausages with varied prices.

The freezer stocked free range pig and grass-fed Dexter beef, all bred on the farm which is known for its Dexter cattle.

Herald Series:

Dexters are considered a rare breed and are the smallest of the European cattle breeds.

Going around the shop only takes a few minutes, but it was making a decision what took the longest, as we felt spoiled for choice.

I ended up deciding to buy a product that surprised me and have not seen ever before, the Oxford Sauce, as well as a Chiltern mayonnaise made with free range egg yolks.

Our visit did not stop here, next to the farm, there is a rustic outdoor coffee bar, which is nestled in between a giant smokehouse and the farm shop.

Herald Series: Blue Tin Produce Farm Shop

We had a coffee and homemade cake next to the log burner, something very important as it was a very chilli weather.

After our coffee we went for a little walk and we were able to see part of the Dexter cattle, who were grassing on the field next to the shop’s.

This year, Blue Tin Produce was one of the final three Best Shop or Market finalists in the 20th BBC Food and Farming Awards.

And it has been selected as the regional winner of the Countryside Alliance Award for Local Food and Drink three times.

Farmer Jed Jackson rears the rare breed Dexter cattle and free-range Gloucester Old Spot pigs while his wife Emma Darke runs the farm shop and plans events.

Blue Tin Produce is the ideal shop for those who love buying local products and are in search of something especial, it is definitely worth visiting.


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