This year has been ‘brilliant’ for the traditional - sometimes hated - Christmas side dish, the Brussels sprouts.

2021 will go down as the ‘year of the brassica’ according to farmer George Bennett at Sandy Lane Farm in Tiddington near Thame.

Brussels sprouts, along with cabbages, kale and cauliflowers, are a member of the brassica family and all these varieties have produced a bountiful harvest.

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Mr Bennett said that this year’s sprout harvest is the best he can remember in his 10 years at the farm.

“While we all shivered in the cold, wet summer, the Brussels sprouts loved it and the harvest this year is over 50% more than it was in 2020.”

The team at Sandy Lane Farm will be harvesting sprouts on stalks the traditional way for their Christmas Veg box deliveries and to stock the farm shop for the Christmas week.


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