An Aerial landscape photographer captured this amazing view of the White Horse Hill in Uffington.

Drone pilot and photographer Hedley Thorne captures picturesque landscapes of the Ridgeway from an aerial view.

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Mr Thorne said: "To me the Wessex landscape is everything. From the wide, open wilderness of Wiltshire, across to the South Downs and the North Wessex Downs, near to where we are right now, I feel that we are all responsible for embracing its past, enjoying its presence and preserving its future."

He added:"Well loved local areas such as Wittenham Clumps, Uffington White Horse Hill, The Devil's Punchbowl and our own local area of Lowbury Hill, all conveniently strung along The Ridgeway, will never lose their haunting geometry. But I fear we are now at a time where we need to be aware of what is happening around us to protect and preserve this beauty."

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