Traffic restrictions have been put in place on a railway bridge after the brickwork was found to be weak.

Oxfordshire County Council, which owns and maintains Steventon Bridge on High Street, has narrowed the B4017 across the bridge and brought in a traffic priority system following a review of the bridge’s load carrying capacity.

Cones and temporary signs are currently in place until vehicular barriers, permanent signs and road markings can be installed.

The County Council has said an inspection will be carried out when access can be gained to the railway to review the condition of the brickwork in more detail.

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Councillor Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance, said: “It is always difficult when these vital pieces of infrastructure begin to deteriorate but inaction is not an option. I am incredibly grateful for the leadership local county councillor Sally Povolotsky has shown in communicating the options to the community and their patience and understanding as we work to keep access as open as possible and the network safe.”

Network Rail and the council are working together to gain entry to the railway at the earliest opportunity to help manage the risks to the railway associated with the bridge. the council hopes to do this without disrupting rail services.

Investigations have recently been carried out to help determine the causes of the dips in the road at the northern end of the bridge, which are due to be treated alongside carriageway resurfacing across the bridge to help reduce the rate of deterioration.

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