Donkey adoptions hit a record high over the Christmas period with 700 donations.

John McLaren the manager at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary in Wallingford said: "We have had more adoptions over the Christmas and New Year period than we have ever had before."

Over the past two years the sanctuary has not been able to do many visits to schools and care homes with their donkeys so the extra cash from adoptions has helped the donkey sanctuary stay open.

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Herald Series: Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary's John McLaren is a happy chap after record Christmas adoption levels brining in funding.
Picture by Ed Nix

Mr McLaren said: "We have done really well on adoptions; it is one of our main incomes this time of the year. We had so many Christmas nativities cancelled, and we lost a lot of revenue because we could not go to the schools and to care homes."

The sanctuary charges £25 a year to adopt a donkey, this money is used to look after the 120 abandoned donkeys in the sanctuary's care.

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