Two Oxfordshire towns were named among the top 50 worst places to live in England according to the satirical website ILiveHere.

Didcot ranked in 11th position, whilst Abingdon, which is approximately about a 15 minute drive away, came in 23rd spot.

Local politicians such as Didcot mayor Mocky Khan and former mayor of Abingdon Charlie Birks came to the defence of the towns, with Khan praising Didcot's "great community spirit".

Both towns have a lot to offer and that is apparent through the positive reviews offered of their attractions, restaurants and more.

Best rated parts of Didcot on TripAdvisor

Didcot Railway Centre

Herald Series: Didcot Railway Centre (TripAdvisor)Didcot Railway Centre (TripAdvisor)

A living history museum of Great Western Railway, the Didcot Railway Centre is a well-rated attraction of the town.

With an average rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor it has amassed 369 'Excellent' and 207 'Very Good' ratings out of 697 reviews.

One reviewer described it as a "fun and informative" experience, while another said it was a "Grand day out".


The Hawkwalk nature reserve is another example of a great thing to do in Didcot, with it having 14 'Very Excellent' reviews out of 15 on TripAdvisor.

It gives an experience of falconry with Kestrels, to Red Kites and more.

One reviewer described it as an "absolutely fantastic experience to get up close and personal with these beautiful birds".

Another said: "With a genuine passion for his wide variety of birds, David treated us to another few hours of amazing safe bird handling which was informative and most importantly, tremendous fun."

Zigana Turkish Kitchen

Herald Series: Zigana Turkish Restaurant (Google StreetView)Zigana Turkish Restaurant (Google StreetView)

Located over on Wantage Road, Zigana Turkish Kitchen is a great example of what Didcot has to offer in terms of dining experience.

Out of its 236 reviews 197 have been rated as 'Excellent' with one reviewer saying "you won't be disappointed" by it.

Another described it as a "real gem" whilst also complimenting the mezzes.

Best rated parts of Abingdon on TripAdvisor

Abbey Meadows

A great example of a lovely outdoor space to spend a warm afternoon can be found in Abbey Meadows.

It has a play area as well as an outdoor pool and splash park that opens in the summer.

Out of 160 reviews 92 were rated 'Excellent' and 55 were 'Very Good'.

One reviewer described it as "A pleasant open area by the river" with another saying there was "so much to see" there.

Abingdon County Hall Museum

Herald Series: Abingdon County Hall Museum (TripAdvisor)Abingdon County Hall Museum (TripAdvisor)

The Abingdon County Hall Museum is an example of a good cultural attraction for the town.

Out of its 118 reviews 60 were rated as 'Excellent' with 52 being 'Very Good'.

It includes Neolithic finds through Ice Age, Roman, Saxon and Medieval artefacts to Abingdon’s industries such as Morland Brewery and MG works.

One reviewer wrote: "A very nice free place to visit in the centre of Abingdon. It is crammed with lots of interesting displays and facts about the town and even has an MG car in there. For a small fee you can go out to the top of the building and take in the views from afar."

Dorindo's Mexican Restaurant

Located over on the High Street, Dorindo's Mexican Restaurant is a great example of what Abingdon has to offer in terms of dining experience.

Out of its 354 reviews 293 have been rated as 'Excellent' with praise coming in for its calamari, burritos, pulled pork and churros.

Another reviewer wrote: "We visited for the first time with family and we loved everything about Dorindos! The food was incredible and the service was fantastic, really friendly."


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