More readers have given their views after Abingdon and Didcot were named in a survey of the worst places in the UK to live.

A survey from the satirical website, I Live Here, revealed that some people thought Didcot and Abingdon were some of the worst towns to live in.

Didcot ranked 11th out of 50 in the survey, whereas Abingdon Ranked 23rd. Aylesbury was the worst place to live according to voters.

Readers have been giving their views, with many residents in Abingdon and Didcot defending the towns.

ANA PASTEGA-FIOCCO: “No way! Abingdon is awesome. I just love it!!”

JACKY MCIVER: “I’ve lived in Abingdon and Radley most of my live. Great place, but has changed rather a lot over the years.”

GERGELY RACZ: “I lived Abingdon 16 years! My lovely years! My second hometown! Beautiful place to live.

Herald Series:

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“Friendly people, shops, close to Oxford, London. I know there some teens shocked the people, but this happened everywhere else.”

JACKIE BILLINGTON: “Didcot is certainly not the worst place by far! It has a lot going for it, the Art Centre (Cornerstone), cinema, coffee shops, restaurants, variety of well known shops, open spaces, countryside on the doorstep, leisure centre, gyms, great train/transport links. I can only assume those that voted do not live in Didcot, and are jealous that their area does not have the facilities et al available to those living in Didcot. Would be interested to see where those that voted for Didcot actually live!”

ROXANNE SELBY: “Totally shocked by this. Have these people not visited some of the awful places up north?”

JOHN CLARE: “If you think Abingdon is one of the worst places to live in England try somewhere like Middlesbrough.”

WAYNE THOMAS: “Roxanne Selby I agree with you.”

JESS LAWSON-HILL: Or down south. Croydon and Swindon always spring to mind.”

ROXANNE SELBY: “Jess Lawson-Hill true. But I was thinking of when I used to work for a firm whose HQ was near Stoke on Trent.”

ADAM HEPPELL: “Swindon is on the list.”

SUE PARSONS: “Try the sprawling large estate known as. Bicester - it has lost its soul.”

ANDREW HAMILTON: “I’m surprised Wantage isn’t on the list - if you want to buy anything for your feet you have to go to either Abingdon or Didcot to purchase them.

“I realise that it is not the main criteria for a good place to live, but surely it is on the list.”

Herald Series:

JULIANNA KREFT: “Andrew Hamilton Fair comment! Wantage is lovely but the lack of certain shops must be difficult to people that cannot travel far!”

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NATALIE HARTWIG: “I moved to Wantage 11 years ago, it was small but unique. Loved the market place. I won’t compare it to Didcot though.

“I would love Wantage to have one more extra supermarket or some nice restaurants! Wildwood Kitchen is overpriced.

I also know people have huge problem with getting children to school when they move to Wantage as they have no choice at all or no place.”

ANDREW HAMILTON: “Somehow it won a prestigious award for the best town.

“Wantage literally has nothing of any significance in retail terms, plenty of estate agents and charity shops but no shoe shops or men’s clothing stores and certainly not a lot of a future.

“Didcot has four supermarkets plus a plethora of other stores and Abingdon is not doing too badly with three supermarkets and more planned.”

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NATALIE HARTWIG: “Wantage has a huge potential - it used to be so lovely but now I can really admit it’s getting worse.”

CHRIS GREEN: “Is Banbury not part of Oxfordshire any more?”

IAN RIGSBY: “Cowley should be up there.”

JANE DORAN: “I love Abingdon - what a load of rubbish.”

SOPHIE JEFFERIES: “Abingdon is a lot better than Cowley.”

JACK TOWNSEND: “It’s fair to include Abingdon but Didcot is a lovely place.”

DAN OLDERSHAW: “Banbury should be on this list.

DAN LITT: “If they think Abingdon is bad, they didn’t grow up in Harlow in the 90s.”

SCOTT FEARNEYHOUGH: “I moved to Didcot from Radley in 1994 and I absolutely love Didcot,it’s a great town.”

OANA TIRVULEA: “I’ve visited Abingdon a couple of times and I think it is lovely. I would move there in a blink of an eye.”


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