A DOG called Archi has been praised for making customers at a beauticians in Abingdon feel even more relaxed. 

Archi, whose owner Laurie-Jane Cann runs Pink Tiger Beauty Bar in Abingdon, said her pet was always on hand to pamper and be pampered, as well as offer emotional support. 

The pup has been hailed as a perfect canine shop dog assistant in a drive to get small businesses to celebrate the positive impact a dog can have on trade. Publicity by Metro Bank reveals nearly half of consumers admit they have deliberately visited a business because of a shop dog, and nearly 80 per cent have spent more money in shops because a pooch is inside.

Laurie-Jane said: “The nature of my business is wellbeing, and you cannot get a dog more in tune with his clients. He is always calm but will never miss an opportunity for affection. If a client is sad, tired or happy Archi always knows how best to be with them. 

"He will offer a gentle cuddle, just sit at their feet or go and get his ball to play with. On the very rare occasion he is not in the salon I spend my whole day explaining to clients where he is as it’s the first thing they ask: ‘Where’s Archi?’ My business would not be what it is today without Archi, he is my and all my clients emotional support and, to top it off, he is rather cute.”

Jessica Myers, Brand and Marketing Director at Metro Bank, highlighted Archie and Lauri-Jane as the perfect team.

She said: “After a difficult period for many retailers and small businesses, attracting customers back in-store is a huge challenge, but a shop dog could be the secret weapon to recovery. Dogs are proven to relieve stress, relax people and make a great talking point to break the ice with customers.

"For people who live alone or who are unable to keep a pet, or simply for the tens of millions of consumers who can’t resist an interaction with a friendly fluffy face, they bring a bit of joy to the daily routine.

“Moreover, millions of dog owners are more likely to visit a business that allows their four-legged friend inside, which is why we’ve always welcomed dogs into all of our Metro Bank stores across the UK, and why we offer free dog biscuits, branded bandanas and water bowls for our four-legged friends as well.

"It’s been lovely to hear stories from real-life shop owners about how their dogs have made a real difference not just to their lives but to their businesses too.”

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