A SHOPPER has praised a man who stepped in to help when she needed it most.

Paige- Nicole Shorter was shopping at Co-op in Wantage when she realised, she did not have enough cash to pay for her shopping. Luckily, a man standing in the queue behind her stepped in to help pay for her food.

Mrs Shorter said the kind deed has made her feel "blessed" to be a part of the Wantage community.

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Mrs shorter wrote on the Wantage and Grove Facebook community page: "Thank you again to the gentleman who was behind me this evening in Co-op who offered to pay for the remainder of my shopping. I didn’t bring enough cash and it saved me another trip in the cold and back.

"I’ve had a rough few weeks and you don’t realise how something so small has brightened my day."

She added: "I will be repaying by doing the same if I see someone in that situation."

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