A CONSERVATIVE MP has spoken out about his "anger" over the Downing Street parties that took place during lockdown.

David Johnston MP for Wantage, has said he "cannot defend" the parties that took place and that he is "in no way tempted to try".

Boris Johnson has faced calls to resign from Oxford MPs after his apology for attending a BYOB party at Downing Street. MPs Anneliese Dodds and Layla Moran have been clear in their calls for the Prime Minister to resign calling his apology "pathetic".

Mr Johnston initially did not speak out about his anger over the parties that took place. However, he has now said he was not at any of the events being talked about or at any other parties during restrictions.

Mr Johnston said: "I completely understand people’s anger about the idea of the rules being broken by anyone, but particularly by the people who made the rules. I feel that anger myself.

"I well understand the sacrifices everyone made in not seeing friends and family members, including some that are sadly no longer with us.

"My deepest condolences go to anyone who lost someone as a result of the pandemic."

He added: "An investigation is ongoing. Everyone – whoever they are – is entitled to have the full facts made public about what they are accused of and then be given the opportunity to take the action they think they should as a result."

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