LAYLA Moran's Twitter account has been hacked.

The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon has spoken out explaining that her Twitter account was hacked yesterday evening.

She has since regained full access to the profile and contacted those who is trying to impersonate the Lib Dem MP.

Last night, a Tweet from Ms Moran's account appeared to be selling brand new PS5's for charity.

The Tweet read: "Every PS5 you see here is retail price and for sale, all proceeds will go to charity.

"First come first serve and can ship anywhere in the USA and UK and Canada.

"Trolls will be blocked."

Herald Series: Layla Moran Twitter hackedLayla Moran Twitter hacked

The Tweet has since been deleted. 

Regarding the hacking, Ms Moran said: “Last night, unfortunately my Twitter account was hacked. My team have now regained access to the account and are attempting to contact anyone who responded to messages from the person who impersonated me.

"The person with access to the account was attempting to scam people into sending them money.

"We are passing evidence about this on to the police, and I urge anyone who sent any money to the scammer to please report this to the police also.”