THE PLANE structure at the entrance to Grove Business Park crash landed during Storm Eunice.

The incident happened on Friday due to strong winds and Chris Douch described when he saw the plane - which is a de Havilland Venom - come crashing to the ground.

He was driving towards Wantage from Grove at around 10.30am when he saw the plane ‘swinging heavily’ in the wind.

Herald Series: Pic by John BrownPic by John Brown

He said: “It suddenly fell, rocking slightly back and forth before crashing onto the grass below. It all happened so quickly. It was one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen. It didn’t look real.

“It had been completely destroyed on impact, breaking into multiple pieces. It was definitely beyond repair.”

When the news broke that the plane had crash landed after the strong winds, members of the community spoke of the huge loss.

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John Brown, who went to the scene that morning and shared his pictures with the Oxford Mail, said: “The whole village is devastated by it.”

Here’s what other people said:

Sheila Collins: “No victims - thank goodness. It’s such a shame. It was a landmark and surprisingly well known over a large area of the countryside.”

Julie Jones: “What a shame. Been there for years.”

Herald Series: Pic by John BrownPic by John Brown

Belinda Clark: “Sad as it was a great landmark.”

Michael Eastman: “Could use most of it if available. And never say never rebuilding vampires and venoms. It may not pole mount again but I wouldn’t mind betting we could get it standing in one piece and looking decent.”

Brian Shurmer: “What a shame - was quite a landmark.”

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Diplomat’s Partner: “Was sad to see it on the ground. I hope it will return to the skies soon.”

Karen Brooker: “It will be back up, mark my words. This village will come together if need be to ensure it takes pride of place again. It has gone to a safe place to be restored in all its glory and I am sure when the time comes for it to take its place again the locals will mark the occasion

“It’s a very important landmark for the village and the history behind it.”

Steve Hill: “Local man says it’s beyond repair with no knowledge of repair skills required. I’d say it will be back on its perch soon.”

Roy Thomas: “Always sad when a ‘survivor’ is lost, apparently the support was in poor condition.”

Herald Series: Pic by John BrownPic by John Brown

John Cooper: “I hope it can be fixed.”

Joan Leahy: “I thought that plane was cute and recognised the once airfield there.”

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Jane Lovegrove: “I live literally just along the road from where it used to stand. Such a sad sight to see.”

Susan Hale Leake: “I loved it and sad to see it in this state.”

Oxford Mail commenter The Mighty Sparrow: “Hopefully it can be repaired, or a fibreglass model made instead. I hope it is reinstated in some form.”

Sue High: "That’s Cades favourite landmark. He shouts as soon as he sees it. Such a shame."

Rachael Johnston: "Awful."

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