While Sainsbury's is to close 200 in-store cafes and 34 hot food counters next month, a café in the south of Oxfordshire might be safe from closure.

Didcot Sainsbury's cafe in the Orchard Centre is on the list of 67 cafes that are going to be saved - for now.

While the upstairs cafe at Heyford Hill store, in Oxford looks set to shut as part of the big shake-up that puts about 2,000 jobs at risk.

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Didcot only gets a one-star rating on reviews site Tripadvisor, while the cafe at Heyford Hill Sainsbury's in Oxford has a four-star rating.

Shopper Sivil Brickell thinks it is good the cafe stays open as it is a convenient place for people to sit and rest after doing their shopping.

she said: “It is quite popular in the day. I come here quite a lot I don’t eat here, I usually have a cup of tea so I cannot talk about the food, but I think in general is all right.

Her friend, Robert Jones, who was visiting the town said: “I’ve observed that there is quite a population here, so I think it should remain open.”

On Tuesday, the UK’s second largest supermarket chain briefed affected cafe and counter staff on the closure plan and promised to prioritise them for vacant roles.


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