STUDENTS with special educational needs have seen their ideas to improve their school’s outdoor areas come to life.

A group of post-16 students at Fitzwaryn School in Wantage visited locations across Oxfordshire to test out various pieces of equipment, before submitting their proposal to school leaders.

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Herald Series: Fitzwaryn School students enjoy the new facilities. Picture supplied by the schoolFitzwaryn School students enjoy the new facilities. Picture supplied by the school

After the new facilities were unveiled, headteacher Stephanie Coneboy said: “The young people within our senior school and student centre are not only improving their fitness but also demonstrating amazing levels of co-operation and turn-taking, as students wait patiently for their friends to finish exercising before moving onto another piece of equipment.

“The new facility means that the school will be able to offer older students an improved sporting and physical fitness programme all year round and allows them to confidently and safely access this type of equipment in the community.”

Post-16 student Jacob Hodgson added: “It’s nice to be outside in the fresh air, it’s good for your body and makes it fit. I can feel it in my arms and legs after I’ve used it.”

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