A SEVEN-year-old girl has raised £2,325 for Ukraine after walking 10 miles in one go.

Rosie Roots-Petty, of Chilterns Village near Didcot, wanted to fundraise as she was “sad” about the war in Ukraine.

She had hoped to raise £700 as she is seven years old but she had already reached that goal within 24 hours.

Herald Series: Rosie halfway through her walk last month.Rosie halfway through her walk last month.

“I’m sad that Ukraine is in a war and are having to fight,” she said. “The grownups and children have no homes to live in. The families don’t have food, drinks, clothes, toys or snuggly blankets.”  

Rosie’s mum, Anne, walked with her along the River Thames and said Rosie spent the whole time “smiling and talking”.

After completing her challenge, Rosie said: “I am very happy. I hope the money really helps people in Ukraine”.

Herald Series: The seven-year-old had hoped to raise £700The seven-year-old had hoped to raise £700

To donate, visit: justgiving.com/fundraising/anne-marie-roots-petty