AN antiques store in Wallingford has been renamed by the new owners who can see a “bright future” for the business.

The Lamb Arcade in High Street has been renamed Wallingford Antiques Arcade after Adrian Gilmour and his partner Hazel Brown bought the business last month. Its previous owners decided to sell the store so they could retire.

Mr Gilmour, who owns another antiques store called Hungerford Arcade, decided to take on the business due to the town’s history.

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Herald Series: (Credit: Hungerford Arcade)(Credit: Hungerford Arcade)

“We’re very excited,” he said. “It’s very much a good fit for what we’ve already been doing and Wallingford is steeped in history.

“Wallingford is fabulous, you couldn’t find a better town. The castle, the River Thames, it’s just a great location.

“If it didn’t have an antique centre, you would want one here. The building is wonderful so we will be excited to improve it and the castle is wonderful and it’s right next door to us.

“Hungerford Arcade is one of the most successful antique centres in the country and I think we’ll be able to uplift and make the Wallingford Arcade more successful.

Herald Series: The Lamb Arcade (Google Maps)The Lamb Arcade (Google Maps)

“It’s a huge historic and very interesting building so we’re really looking forward to improving it.”

Mr Gilmour and his partner bought Hungerford Arcade 18 years ago but the family has been in the antiques business for about 75 years.

He said: “I’m a newcomer at 42 years in the business I’m afraid. So we know the antique business reasonably well.

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“We built the Hungerford Arcade up from 60 dealers to 120. We get all sorts of people from celebrities to us commonfolk.”

Mr Gilmour has already started to improve the building by putting in an old pub bar for a counter and making clearer signs.

Herald Series: (Credit: Hungerford Arcade)(Credit: Hungerford Arcade)

He said: “The improvements are fittings that can be removed, we’re not knocking walls or doors down.

“We’ll be putting a suit of armour in and making sure the place has a lot of interest for children and all sports.

“We have 40 to 50 original pieces coming and another 20 booked so there will be a lot more choice and more jewellery once we have security sorted out.

“We’re also planning events and we hope to improve the yard out the back so we can have a bit of theatre or something like that - we certainly want to be part of the community.”

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He added: “We’re really pleased, it’s a huge historic building and it’s due a good bit of ‘umph’ and a tidy up - we can see a bright future”.


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