SIX electric vehicle chargers have been installed in Wallingford but are inaccessible due to technical difficulties.

The chargers, which can charge two vehicles at once, were installed in the Cattle Market car park off New Road this week.

However, they are still fenced off due to a global shortage of microchip components.

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Herald Series: (Photo credit: John Winters)(Photo credit: John Winters)

South Oxfordshire District Council, which is installing 124 chargers across South and Vale as part of the Park and Change scheme, have pushed forward with the installation of the feeder pillars regardless.

A spokesperson said: “We know people will be disappointed that the chargers are not working yet and we share that disappointment.

Herald Series: (Photo credit: John Winters)(Photo credit: John Winters)

“As this installation is affected by a global shortage we cannot give a date when that will be completed but, as soon as we can, we will be sharing the news with you.”


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