Plans for a new takeaway are a “grave concern” for neighbours who fear it will bring noise and traffic to their cul-de-sac.

A planning application to change the use of a motoring shop on a residential road in Wantage into a hot food takeaway has been submitted by a Ms Y Wang from Oxford.

The Wantage Motorist Centre on 1 Hans Avenue traded on the site for more than 50 years and as the current owners are retiring the shop will now be moving to a new location. 

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However, the planning application has received many comments from neighbours who fear having a takeaway in the residential area will bring more traffic, noise and light pollution.

Residents also say there is no need for a takeaway in this area and add the cul-de-sac which is home to many elderly residents is not a suitable location.

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People in the area have commented with their objections on the Vale of White Horse District Council planning website.  

Carol Warren-Smith of Shannon Close in Grove commented: “The shop was built at the same time as the houses in the area and, although the shop has changed its usage over the years, from grocery to motorist supplies, it has never operated in the evening or out of normal shop hours.

“This proposal for a change of use will have a direct impact on the lives and the wellbeing of everyone living in this small community.”

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Patrick Bolton of Courtenay Road in Wantage said: “A takeaway establishment will create lots of litter by careless customers which will mar the general landscape.”

He added: “There are several empty premises in Wantage town centre much better suited to a takeaway food outlet.”

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June Grunwald of Grove Road in Wantage said: “There are already a number of issues with cars parked along the feeder road, which makes it difficult to navigate, particularly at night.

“If cars now park closer to the lights vehicles turning from the A338 may have to negotiate more parked cars, thus increasing the possibility of accidents.”

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She added: “The extra footfall at night will cause noise and possible anxiety to the mainly elderly relatives.”

In the design and access statement on the planning application Ms Y Wang highlights that there is an existing car park at the premises which will provide space for customers and staff.

The agent of this planning application, John Ghaw, said: “We've been closely following the comments from the public. We will take all the public comments seriously and respond accordingly once the public consultation period is concluded.”

The district council is set to make a decision on the application by June 28.

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