Sword fights and shenanigans will be taking to an outside stage as the open-air theatre returns to Wantage.

People are invited to join Rain or Shine Theatre company on their annual visit to the gardens of The Old Church House, Priory Road, Wantage on June 9, for an evening of Restoration comedy set in 18th Century Shrewsbury.

Herald Series: Left to Right: Sergeant Kite (Ian Alldis), Mr Worthy (John Cooper-Evans), Captain Plume (Ashley Shiers), and Rose (Emily Morozow)Left to Right: Sergeant Kite (Ian Alldis), Mr Worthy (John Cooper-Evans), Captain Plume (Ashley Shiers), and Rose (Emily Morozow)

Audiences are encouraged to bring a picnic and settle down to enjoy what the shenanigans awash with deceit, passion, swordfights and surprises.

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The alfresco show will be The Recruiting Officer, the story follows the mischief of crooked army recruiting officers, Captain Plume and Sergeant Kite, as they head to the county town of Shrewsbury to persuade men to take the Queen’s Shilling by any means, legal or otherwise.

To buy tickets visit: ticketsource.co.uk/rain-or-shine-theatre-co/t-remdpx

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