A GARDEN wall in East Hendred has been decorated with a chalk Union Jack for the Platinum Jubilee.

Cherrelle Taylor, of Ludbridge Close, spent almost four hours filling in the wall ahead of the celebrations this weekend.

She first decorated the wall during the coronavirus pandemic to keep her young children entertained.

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“I wanted to keep my young girls occupied so I ordered some chalk,” she said. “I then decided to decorate our garden gall with rainbows and a large blue heart to support the NHS.

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“It was so nice as I could hear people complimenting it when they walked past and taking pictures with it so it was nice to give people joy when they walked by.

“As I enjoyed doing it, I said to my partner, Gary Baird, that I was tempted to do it one for the jubilee.”

Herald Series:

The main Union Jack drawing took the longest at two and a half hours due to the “uneven wall”.

“A lady I never met stopped me while I was drawing,” said Miss Taylor “She said, ‘Oh, you’re the lady who did It the first time round  - it just really brightened the place up’.”

Herald Series:

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When the colour fades from the chalk, Mr Baird jet washes the drawings away.

 “It actually made me sad as it took a long time to do,” said Miss Taylor.


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