Thousands of people across southern Oxfordshire celebrated the momentous four-day Bank Holiday to mark the Queen’s 70 years with street parties, festivals, Corgi hunts and bun throws.

In Abingdon, four days of free Jubilee fun was put on by the council. Abingdon’s Platinum Jubilee Meadow Festival at Rye Farm Meadow welcomed more than 15,000 people over three days to enjoy music, performances, activities provided by local groups.

Herald Series: Abingdon meadow festival. Picture by Ed Nix

The traditional Bun Throw saw 7,000 residents stretching to catch one of the 5,000 buns specially prepared by Millets Farm and thrown off the roof by the Mayor, Town Councillors, the MP and a range of invited guests.

Herald Series: Sue Kalnus with one of the buns she managed to catch. Picture: Liam Rice

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Residents closed roads and held street parties across Abingdon. Sarah Brown hosted a street party at Austin Place that saw more than 100 people attend.

She said: “It has really brought us together, no longer just neighbours we rarely see in our busy lives, but we can all say we have made new friends.”

Herald Series: The Big Jubilee Lunch in Wantage. Picture: Rebecca Sheather

The Big Jubilee Lunch in Wantage on Sunday saw more than a thousand of people gather in the Market Place for one of the biggest events the town has ever seen.

Families attended for the massive picnic and children enjoyed the free face painting and fairground rides.

Herald Series: The Big Jubilee Lunch in Wantage. Picture: Rebecca Sheather

Wantage Mayor, Jim Sibbald wore his full mayoral chains and 47 people stopped and asked him for a selfie.

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He said: “The weather was very nice to us; we had a little drizzle but nothing that drove the crowds away.”

Mr Sibbald said the crowds enjoyed the bands so much they did not want to leave, especially when The Little green Shed played and the crowed cheered for an encore.

The Wantage Silver Band gave a grand ‘flash’ performance and appeared from all four corners of the Market Place playing We Will Rock You.

Herald Series: The Big Jubilee Lunch in Wantage. Picture: Rebecca Sheather

Mr Sibbald said the town council set aside £11,000 to pay for the Jubilee event. He said: “We were not there to make money, but to celebrate Her Majesty and put on a great event for the people of Wantage.”

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A picnic in the Wallingford Castle Gardens saw the Queen’s Jubilee celebrated with plenty of food.

The event brought the community together, live bands played, there were children’s crafts and giant games.

There was live music from the Wallingford School Band, Laura Lee and Choir, and the Tuneless Choir sing along. Donkeys from Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary also visited.

Royal scarecrows, a fun day, and street parties were some of the Jubilee activities in Didcot put on by the town council and community groups.

Royal-themed scarecrows have been hidden around East Hagbourne until Sunday, June 19.

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