Primary school children joined more than 4,000 pupils from across the world to celebrate a decade of Code Club.

Code Club is a charity that supports free after-school coding clubs and schools across the world including Grove CE Primary School take part.

On Thursday May 26, school pupils took part in seven hour-long ‘codealongs’, held by Code Club teams in New Zealand, Australia, India, Iraq, the UK, Ireland, and the USA, where children learnt how to create a brand-new party pinata game using the block coding language, Scratch.

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Children used images of party treats from around the world and learned how to add music and fun features to their games.

Code Clubs have been registered in over 150 countries, helping young people aged nine to 13 to learn how to create games, animations, and websites with free-to-use projects.

Teacher, Roberta Cresswell, said: “I began Grove CE Primary's Code Club a year ago. I love the fun resources provided and how enthusiastic the children always are about learning to code.

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“It prepares them brilliantly for programming and using computers in the future, whether at secondary school or in their careers, and the children love being the experts in their school computing lessons.”

Eight-year-old Keira Kelly, from Grove CE Primary School said: “I enjoy Code Club and I've learned how to make different games I didn't know about before. It's a great club for boys and girls”.

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