A LORRY driver was stuck in an awkward position for more than 30 minutes yesterday because of a 'badly' parked car. 

The Co-op blue lorry had to manovuer around the bend  on Savile Way in Grove, where the black car had been parked for the day. 

Simon Atkin was quick to call the driver out for being inconsiderate and parking on the 'no parking lines'. He shared the picture with people in Wantage and Grove on Facebook and said the lorry driver blocked the road for half an hour as he shuffled back and forth to get out. 

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 Drivers are not allowed to stop or wait on single yellow lines during the times displayed on the road sign. Parking on a single yellow line is only allowed outside of the hours on the sign. 

It is not known what the sign said on Savile Way. 

Mr Atkin said: "Well done to whoever parked this car on the no parking lines by the Coop. It caused this lorry to be stuck for nearly half an hour, blocking the road in both directions. It caused danger to the property on both sides of the road and your car as the lorry driver shuffled back and forth trying to get out. There are lines for a reason." 

The driver managed to get out by reversing back to the Coop with help from passers-by. 

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