A NEW post box topper reminding people that “every body is a beach body” has been created by crocheter, “Yarnsy”.

The topper, which has decorated the box in Haydon Road, Didcot, features three people in pink, green, and blue swimming costumes laying on blue and white striped towels at the beach.

Herald Series:

“Yarnsy”, who wants to stay anonymous, said the creation took about three weeks to make in total.

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She said: “The Jubilee topper that was on display on Haydon Road in Didcot has now been replaced with a joyful scene to celebrate the summer.

Herald Series:

“At this time of year many people are preparing for their summer holidays and many are worried about having a beach body.

“This scene is to remind people that every body is a beach body. I’m hoping to inspire a little body positivity among the community.

Herald Series:

“This piece was a joy to create and I’m hopeful it will put a smile on many passers-by faces.

“Many people have commented that it reminds them of the Beryl Cook characters which was not intentional, however I am very flattered by this comparison.”

Herald Series:

The crocheter, who also decorates the post box in Broadway, has been crocheting for about 15 years and first started creating decorations for post boxes in December, starting with a Christmas-themed one.

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Her previous work includes a power station, sunflowers, unicorns, and more.


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