THE SON of a man killed in a head-on crash on the A417 has called for safety improvements on the road.

Stuart Hunt’s father, Brian, died after his Honda Civic was struck by van driver Aron Hicks on May 4 last year. Mr Hunt, 78, died of his injuries.

Oxford Crown Court heard earlier this month that Hicks was in the process of overtaking another vehicle on Blewbury Hill, near Cholsey, when the fatal crash occurred. Hicks’ white Transit was on the wrong-side of the road when it struck his victim's Honda.

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Now, motor engineer Stuart Hunt has called for safety improvements on the stretch of road where his father lost his life.

“How many deaths would it have to take for it to get to a solid white line?” he told the BBC.

“That road’s horrible and something needs to be done.

“When I’m driving I see a [solid] white line, automatically you know that’s it don’t overtake, you can’t overtake, it’s not legal to overtake.”

Currently, the road at Blewbury Hill has longer, broken white lines dividing the carriageways and warning drivers of the summit ahead. However, the broken line means drivers may overtake other vehicles if it is safe to do so.

An unbroken solid white line, as suggested by Mr Hunt, would tell drivers it was unsafe to overtake.

Footage played during Hicks’ sentencing hearing in mid-June showed the view from the car in front of the Transit van.

The white van was seen speeding up to the camera, pulling out and driving alongside the dashcam before striking Mr Hunt’s Honda.

READ MORE: Family's 'pain and anguish' as killer driver jailed for A417 crash

Mr Hunt’s wife of more than five decades, Susan, said in a moving victim personal statement read to the court: “Words cannot express the pain and anguish that family, our friends and I have endured since the death of my husband Brian.

“He did not deserve to die in this way. Aron Hicks took my husband’s life. He will never understand the effect he’s had on our family. It is unimaginable and unpardonable.”

Herald Series: Aron Hicks' custody shot Picture: TVPAron Hicks' custody shot Picture: TVP

Sgt Dom Mahon of Thames Valley's roads policing unit said: “Hicks' reckless actions have torn a family apart and will have lifelong consequences for everybody who has been touched by this avoidable tragedy.

“The shocking dash-cam recording of this incident demonstrates very clearly how impatience behind the wheel can be fatal.”

Hicks, who admitted causing death by dangerous driving, was jailed for three years and four months. In a letter of apology, he told Mr Hunt’s family: “I can only begin to imagine the depth of your shock and grief. Knowing that my actions have caused this pain will be my life’s biggest regret.”

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