THE 14th annual Morton Cricket Festival took place last weekend after being founded in 2008.

It took place from Thursday, July 21 until Sunday, July 24 in the villages of North and South Moreton, situated between Didcot and Wallingford.

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On the first day, the results were:

Herald Series: The Amsterdam Tour party.The Amsterdam Tour party.

  • Warborough & Shillingford Boys Under 13 v Moreton Girls Under 15
  • Warborogh & Shillingford batted first by agreement & scored 83-10. Edward Adnitt 26. Martha Stapley 2-3, Annabel Gillington 2-12.
  • Moreton 152-6. Katie Waugh 30no, Bethan Lewis 30 no. Oscar Eltham 2013.

On Friday, the results were:

  • Aldworth 185-6. L.Batty 61, A.Pullyn 36. Hannah Blatchley 3-44.
  •  Moreton 171-7. Will Macdonald 71, Mike Howat 31no.
  • Amsterdam 205-8. Charles McInerney 39no, Dagan Bland 39. Harry Warman 3-20.
  • Moreton 123-8. Harry Warman 33 no. Lotte Heerkens 3-4, Guy Pathak 2-17.

Herald Series: Amsterdam 6s team. L to R : Charles McInerney, Dagan Bland, Stephan Hannema, Berend Edelenbos, Guy Pathak, Bart Sandberg.Amsterdam 6s team. L to R : Charles McInerney, Dagan Bland, Stephan Hannema, Berend Edelenbos, Guy Pathak, Bart Sandberg.

On Saturday, there was a grand six-a-side tournament with a Ukrainian theme. The teams wore blue caps and yellow caps and donations were collected in support of the Ukraine.

Ukrainians hosted by the villagers of North Moreton were present.

In their match with The Cross Keys Amsterdam scored 103 in their 5 overs. In the second semi-final Amsterdam also beat 89 playing the Footballers and scoring 92.

In the final Amsterdam scored 79 to beat Los Toros, 61.

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The Sunday results were:

  • Chesham 143-3. Hannah Francis 49, Helen Crawley 33. Ammanda Pottinger 1-12 from 7 overs.
  • Moreton 146-0. Eleanor Ingram 79no, Amelie Trivedi 51no.

Herald Series: Dagan Bland, Stephan Hannema, Berend Edelenbos & Guy Pathak with trophy.Dagan Bland, Stephan Hannema, Berend Edelenbos & Guy Pathak with trophy.

The festival finished in the evening with an impromptu All Comers match. All around the ground were invited to form into two teams for a casual match designed to get all involved.


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