A charity shop has told customers about the huge amount of theft from the store.

Staff spotted what they think might be a thief stealing a bag full of clothes and posted a picture on a community Facebook page.

But they say this is a regular occurrence.

Looking back on their CCTV the staff have captured two people in one day...

Changing Lives, at the bottom of Broadway, posted: "Shoplifter at Changing Lives charity shop Didcot. Came in with and empty bag & left with a full bag!

"After noticing something had gone missing but none of the staff had sold it, we checked the CCTV and caught her filling her bag!

"The 2nd one today!"

And staff said: "We've seen people stealing BAGS full of stuff on CCTV."

The shop, founded by Valerie Prior, has been in the town for almost a decade.

It provides relief for those in need by making grants and donations to individuals and organisations through the profits earned in the shop.

The store, which has 15 employees and volunteers, mostly sells new and second-hand goods including books, DVDS, household electrical items, furniture and more.

Chloe Prior from the shop said: "It happens all the time. If you're that desperate just ask and we will give it to you!"

Facebook users were disgusted by the thefts.

Lauren Callaghan wrote: "If you can figure out the amount she had stole price wise please let me know. Happy to pay for the items to cover your loss.

"You guys work really hard for a great cause and stealing from you is very low.

"Please let me know the total and I’ll pop it over in the next week."

Angela McIntyre added: "How terrible stealing from a charity shop."

And Sue Such agreed: "Shameful. Changing lives does so much good for the community & doesn't deserve such behaviour. It must be so disheartening for staff."

The shop in Didcot is closing as the building is being demolished in October due to asbestos.

Miss Prior, who has a second store in Church Street in Wantage, said she was devastated and said people who visit the store “are like family” to her.

She hopes to find another location in the town but is concerned she will not be able to find a building the same size with affordable rent.

“Our fingers are crossed that we can find somewhere new,” she said.



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