Footage shows the dramatic moment fire crews extinguished a 'fireball' after a vehicle burst into flames.

Andy Rowland posted the video of the blaze in Grove on the Wantage & Grove Community Facebook page.

He captioned it: "Can't believe there aren't any other posts up about this that happened in Millbrook Square today! Hats off to the fire crew, they had it out in seconds."

He told the Oxford Mail: "It was alight when I arrived, turned into a fireball then was extinguished within minutes of the fire crew arriving. Nobody was hurt as far as I'm aware."

Lucy Conder commented under the post: "Fair play to the driver who tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher too. Fire crew were brilliant."

Marie North added: "No one hurt luckily.. a couple of cars injured but nothing that can’t be replaced.. "

Another poster said simply: "Scary, scary."



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