How far bound are the reaches of art?

We typically undermine the pure innovation that these talented individuals use.

Art is not so much a form, but rather a description; art is anything that humanity describes as creative skill expressed via using our bodies to create.

Art simply exists, and that is typically the end of our inquisition into the subject.

But art is such a broad topic of which the possibilities are limitless, and Oxfordshire based artist Gus Mills pushes these boundaries.

Mills has a diverse style of artistic endeavours; examples include landscapes of rural Wantage to every single one of Oxford’s colleges that are evocative of the reference photos. He is no stranger to commissions involving animals, seascapes, or branching out into Europe’s gorgeous scenery.

He began painting full-time during the 80’s. Originally using acrylics, he moved onto the use of ink to create linear detail but watercolour seemed to be his calling. It has been his primary medium ever since. His studio is in East Challow.

In 2004, he entered the ‘Not the Turner Prize’ competition with a painting of Betjeman Walk in Wantage. Over 16,000 people entered this competition - Mills was a finalist and later displayed his painting in the Mall Galleries, Trafalgar Square to a far larger audience.

A year later, he proudly opened ‘The Gus Mills Gallery’ in 2005 - it was not restricted to his own art, but he rather shared the space with many peers who worked alongside who indulged in glasswork and ceramics. Mills’ works are also displayed in ‘The Dolphin Art Gallery’ to this day.

Mills said: ‘I think that I'm extremely privileged to be an artist, and because of my privilege I can properly enjoy art. I could be a painter or a decorator, but I chose art.’

Each stroke of his works is done with careful love for what he does and for every original sold, this adoration for art seems to be infectious to people walking Oxford’s streets; in particular, Broad Street’s market is one of Mills’ hotspots for sales. Packed full of a myriad of stalls, Mills participates in the Arts and Crafts market three times a year. He sells original paintings, calendars, cards, and small prints. 

Gus Mills’ art manifests itself as a byproduct of himself, and I believe that his works have the potential to make a place in your home.