Oxford United superfans who go to every game have transformed their car to show their love for the club.

Husband and wife, Colin and Melanie O’Toole were in need of a new car and decided to pick a yellow car in appreciation for their beloved Oxford United but it didn’t stop there.

The inside of the car was originally grey but Mr O’Toole got his hands on yellow spray paint and let loose wherever he could.

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As well as the new design inside, the car also boasts yellow fluffy dice, Oxford United air fresheners, seat covers and numerous logos including a two-foot badge on the roof.

Herald Series: Badges have been placed all over the carBadges have been placed all over the car (Image: Newsquest)

Their favourite addition to the car is a nodding highland cow which they call ‘Moo-sinho’ after the recently departed John Mousinho who left in January to become Portsmouth’s new head coach.

Mr O’Toole, who also has an Oxford tattoo and painted his door yellow, described the car as the “bright yellow beast”.

Herald Series: Mr O'Toole's Oxford United tattooMr O'Toole's Oxford United tattoo (Image: Newsquest)

He said: “It’s gone a little bit over the top but it does make people smile and people do wave and hoot on the road so it has to be a good thing I think.

“We get a lot of pointing which is good and bad, it can be bad sometimes but on the whole, it’s a good positive thing.”

The duo have only been Oxford United fans for around five years after they were taken to a game by their son-in-law.

Since then, they have fallen in love with the club and both became season ticket holders, going to every home game and only missing two away games last season.

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During their time supporting the club, Mr O’Toole has become well aware of the club’s fierce rivalries with Swindon and Wycombe.

He said: “We don’t take it to away games as it’s a smart car and they aren’t meant for long journeys but when we have taken it to away games some of the opposition fans don’t take too kindly to it.

“We wouldn’t take it to Swindon or Wycombe, put it that way.

“I dread to think [of the reaction it would get at Swindon or Wycombe], I don’t think any would damage it but, to be honest, we have done it up to make people smile, we don’t make people angry or annoyed.”

Herald Series: Inside of the carInside of the car (Image: Newsquest)

The pair are hoping the club will be able to provide a parking space which would allow the car to be seen by as many fans as possible.

He said: “When we go to watch Oxford we always go for a meal first and when we come out people there are always taking pictures of it or with it so it has become a little bit of an attraction to people.

“We have said to Oxford why not put it in pride of place out at the front so lots of people can see it but we haven’t heard back yet.”

Oxford United currently sit 16th in the Sky Bet League One having lost their last four games as they take on league leaders Plymouth Argyle tonight but Mr O’Toole revealed he is an eternal optimist believing the U’s can beat any opposition.

He said: "I think we are going to win every game 3-0, I know there are issues and challenges but at the end of the day we are not Barcelona, Real Madrid or Manchester United, we are Oxford.

"I think people need to give the club and Karl Robinson a bit of credit and slack and just be a little bit optimistic in their support."