Bob Marley once said, "One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain." Many people reach out to music to feel something or nothing; here's why...

What music we decide to listen to heavily depends on your current mood. For example, when we are feeling energised and happy, we listen to upbeat pop songs, which can help us become motivated and pumped up. For more downhearted moments, we tend to reach for slow and relatable songs. People tend to gravitate towards songs they can relate to, so they feel heard and comforted.

These are ways our mood can influence the music we listen to; however, the music we listen to can have a massive influence on our mood too. When you have a bad day and want to listen to music, you gravitate towards two main types.

Listening to sad songs while being sad tends to create a worsening sense of sadness. This is often due to the lyrics and melodies, which may seem relatable in the moment. However, the more healthy option would be to listen to feel-good music to raise your mood and help you forget about your troubles with your favourite lighthearted songs. These songs help to improve our mental health, but how?

Listening to your favourite songs doesn't just feel good; it's also good for your mental health as it releases dopamine. Dopamine is known as the "happy chemical" because it allows you to feel pleasure, motivation, and happiness.

Music is known for being good at reducing stress levels, decreasing pain perception, finding motivation and inspiration, and improving your quality of life in general.

Music also has a large connection to memory and nostalgia. Listening to songs that are packed with memories takes you on a trip down memory lane. This is because our brain is developing constantly and creating mental connections to certain songs that were listened to at certain times and places. These songs can trigger reminiscence and a long journey through old memories.

If you are having an unlucky day, try listening to a song that you know always cheers you up; this will release dopamine into your brain, making you happier.

Music is a fun way to stimulate the brain; dancing and singing create an even happier atmosphere and help you to relieve stress and worries from your day.