A councillor has called for a toucan crossing outside of a supermarket in Abingdon to be installed as soon as possible.

Councillor Nathan Ley, who represents Abingdon North on Oxfordshire County Council, this week spoke in favour of the new crossing across Wootton Road that would link Aldi and a new housing development.

Dr Ley has insisted that the measure is vital to ensure safe journeys on foot and by bike between the two sites.

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He said: “I’m glad this proposal was approved by the Cabinet member.

“It’s essential for enabling more safe journeys by foot and bike between the Aldi site and the new housing going up, as well as enabling wider connectivity for existing residents in north Abingdon.

“Along with the store junction on Wootton Road, which has not been built to the approved plans (although they have agreed to remedy this shortly), it is regrettable that Aldi couldn’t get the Toucan crossing built prior to opening.

“However, the main thing is we make sure they get this done now so we can look forwards and plan for the future.

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Formal consultation on the proposed toucan crossing was carried out between December 22, 2022, and January 6, 2023.

17 responses were received in relation to the proposed plans which included three objections and eleven expressing their support.

Herald Series: Trolleys in the bike rack outside Abingdon AldiTrolleys in the bike rack outside Abingdon Aldi (Image: Councillor Nathan Ley)

“We also need to make sure this crossing compliments the north-south paths on either side of Wootton Road by making sure that vegetation and overgrowth on both sides is maintained properly from now on.

“Additionally, it’s crucial that the housing developers deliver on their promised pathway upgrades in the surrounding areas to allow the area to be truly fully connected.

“Local Councillors are fully on the case in this regard.”

Dr Ley also raised concerns on Facebook that the bike racks outside of the Aldi were in fact currently being used for trolleys.

He said: “It’s not helped by there being no dedicated staff member who looks after this sort of thing like at Tesco.

“We all get annoyed by congestion so let’s make sure those who do want to arrive by means other than car don’t get discouraged.”